In 2014 Macy Crone found herself in the heart of Oak Cliff discerning the call God put on her heart and treasures the time God allowed her to spend in the Oak Cliff area. She left in the beginning of 2017 for sabbatical and eagerly awaits a word from the Lord regarding her return. Macy was incorrectly diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID is formerly  known as Multiple Personality Disorder) in May of 2016, and has since been journeying through understanding mental health and the medical care system. She hopes to return to school, but is waiting on the right timing from the Lord.
Macy worked for a nonprofit mission house and retreat center, on the Tyler Street United Methodist Church Campus. She has worked for the North Texas Conference of the United Methodist Church as well as churches across the country, and a few quaint coffee shops. She has worked with Tornado survivors to get them back on their feet after the outbreak in December of 2015.
She is currently living with her father and three animal babies in Conway Arkansas, and is a barista at Starbucks where she has truly found her “Third Place”.
When Macy isn’t doing unauthorized demo work she is, painting, running, cooking with friends, babbling on her Youtube channel, or arguing about politics and theology. She briefly attended Criswell College, but found that between battling mental health struggles and being a woman interested in a leadership position over men, she was not in the right place. Though she has not yet received her Bachelors degree, she does not allow that to minimize her potential in glorifying God. The future is an open book, and she has no interest in slowing down on the writing process.

Interested in learning more about Macy?


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