Things Unsaid Pt 3

Cassie spun around sloshing water out of her cup, barely missing Sebastian. He secretly didn’t mind, since it confirmed that she wasn’t drinking from the lack of smell from the cup.
“Sebastian, you scared me half to death! I didn’t know you were here!” Cassie fumbled trying to recollect herself.
“I’m sorry Cas… I was just excited to see you. I wanted to grab you before anyone else had a chance.” Sebastian said, testing the waters.
Internally Cassie was freaking out, becoming overwhelmed by the club around her. “That’s very sweet of you… I would love to dance. Do you have a table? I would love to set this water down.” Cassie said, trying to stall so her nerves could settle a bit.
“Oh shit! Yeah, I’m here with Marquis. I’m supposed to bring him food. Oh my gosh I’m a terrible friend, I saw you and totally forgot about him.” Sebastian said, sounding way too desperate.
“Oh my God Marquis is here?! Does he know that Trina is here?” Cassie asked.
“Ohhhh yeah, that’s why I have to get him food. He’s pretty plastered, but he’s not holed up in his house like he has been for the past two months.” Sebastian responded.
“Has it really only been two months?” Cassie asked
“Well St. Patrick’s Day was March 17th, which is when Trina gave the ring back… or rather chunked it into the Trinity river. The last time the four of us were in the same place was that night.” Sebastian explained.
“I’m so sorry Seb, I’ve meant to call you and talk all of it thru with you but I…” Cassie began, but Sebastian cut her off.
“Cassie I need this conversation, but I really have to check on Marquis, are you okay with seeing him? He’ll be fine with seeing you, he knows your here with Trina, I just need to check on him.” Sebastian pushed, suddenly realizing they were on the same page.
“Of course! We can finish this conversation once we have him settled. I can go sit with him while you get food, just point me to where he is.”



I'm just going to be real, sorry to offend.

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