Things Unsaid pt2

“She’s heading over to the bar… Dear God, please don’t let her start drinking…” Sebastian thought, as he forced himself to get up from the table.
“Dude where are you going?” Marquis inquired, as Sebastian began heading toward the dance floor.
“She came, man.” Sebastian responded, already stepping off of the landing. Marquis jumped up, knocking into the table, causing a bit of a scene. “Dude! Stay away from here!” A crowd was beginning to gather as Marquis’ intoxication was becoming evident to the small group sitting on the landing.
“Dude just go sit down and I’ll bring you some food.” Sebastian said, as he stabilized Marquis and began walking him back to the table. “Your going to draw attention and Trina is going to see how back she fucked you up dude.”
“Seb don’t even say that name in front of me man.” Marquis slurred and he plopped down almost falling out of the chair.
“Okay, sorry. Just sit here and chill out. I’ll be back.” Sebastian said as he booked it away from Marquis.

Sebastian started playing thru his conversation starters as he crossed the floor to Cassie. Nothing would be appropriate after all the time that had passed between them, so he settled on going back to where everything began.

“Would you like to dance?” Sebastian said, as he came up behind her, and his heart stopped as he waited for her to turn around and respond.



I'm just going to be real, sorry to offend.

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