What Have We Done?

“Stop yelling” Irene whispered, as she took another puff of the cigarette she found in her coat pocket.
“Do you realize the severity of this situation?” Tammy screamed, not waiting for a response, as the tears began. “If you did, you wouldn’t be sitting there smoking that damn thing as if it were just another day.”
Irene suddenly jumped up, knocking over the table she had propped her feet up on. Systematically the half-dozen empty wine glasses that littered the table crashed to the ground, as she crossed the room.
“Tammy, it is just another day. THIS is our life now. You knew what you were getting us into, when you promised your mother you would keep Dane out of trouble.”

“You better watch what you’re doing.” Tammy said, as she shifted her weight, feeling for the slight stiffness of her gun against the small of her back.
Irene was still coming towards her.

“We are going to have this out like real women, pull out your gun and unload the clip.” Irene was already sticking her hand in her boot as she stopped in front of Tammy.

“You are an idiot…” Tammy laughed thru the tears.
“Pull out your damn gun!” Irene yelled as she emptied her clip and slammed her gun on the counter that separated them.



She had pleaded with it all night. It came for a short time, but slipped away quickly like a turtle in its shell.
It started around 1:30am and was still going now. The sky was ushering in the eerily pink sun draping it with shades of orange, peach, and gold.
She sat and pondered if it were wise to indulge in another cup of coffee, being it so early. The first had been consumed in haste and necessity. The cold air had gripped her firmly, as she attempted to draw warmth from her blankets, and before she knew it the cup was the temperature of no return.
You see, between settling the dogs, finding the heater was out of gas, and realizing the night sky was quickly retreating, she had abandoned her cup to the table outside knowing that was where she would settle for the morning. As paws pattered on the wooden deck, ripples were forming in her cup. With each ripple another breath of heat was expelled from the cup, and when she finally retired to her place on the green sofa she took a sip and knew she had two choices. She would need to consume the entire cup then and there, or she would have to waste the entire cup.
One does not “reheat” a cup of coffee.
She snuggled into the warmth of the blankets, and before she knew it she was waking up. Unbeknownst to her, she had dozed off, and was now running late. The second cup would have to wait for the car as she was then sure she needed the second cup.