Lightening my load 

I’m not losing my mind. These outbursts are not unsolicited. My lack of energy is totally warranted. I am allowed to feel what I feel. After seven years of manipulation, lies, secrecy, and deception, I’m letting the curtain fall and dropping the act. 

I am grieving. I thought I wouldn’t have to. I thought I had grieved enough over the last eight months, but I was wrong. In thought I could handle everything being thrown at me, but I was wrong. I wanted to forget and move on, but I have known that relief will not come over night. 

I no longer have to carry this load in the dark. God is guiding me every step of the way. The truth is out, and it will continue to spread. Maybe you will stop acting like everything is fine. I sure am done pretending. 

May the next seven months be nothing like the hell I have experience over the last seven years. 
God be my guide as I leave the darkness. Amen. 


I'm just going to be real, sorry to offend.

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