Week One (sort of)

This time last week I was running off seven hours of sleep between two nights of sleep, while driving fourteen hours to move into my aunt and uncle’s house.

Lets just back a few days:
Friday I went out with Jennie, Stephen, Keith and JB to Olive Garden and hung out and all that good stuff.


Saturday, Stephen Keith Jeffrey and I tried to go to the library, after I had been cleaning the apartment for inspection, but it closed about half an hour before we got there.

So after much persuading we went back to my apartment and studied for a few hours, but of course we had to take a break to eat, and that took three hours… I love my friends, and the conversations we have, but the time crunch school puts on conversation makes it so hard to fit all of life in. After we got done eating, we went back to my apartment, and I got about an hours worth of work done then I was totally done.


The guys left after we all had a conversation about Jesus’ Human-ness/Divinity, always light conversation.

Sunday I woke up fully planning on going to church, but decided sometime between making pancakes and tripping over my over flowing backpack, not to go. After this decision was made, I finished my study guide for Old Testament, and then went to lunch with Keith. After lunch I went back to my apartment and took my Government Final, then was invited downstairs to continue studying with the guys. Two sweet-teas, and two monsters later and I was bouncing off the walls unable to focus on my paper. Thankfully about this time Jennie came over, and she was able to calm me a bit between laughs of hysteria and my inability to collect all my thoughts. When it came time for Jennie to leave she said goodbye, as we both thought I would not see her again before Tuesday night: my first official goodbye had come.

Monday I went to work like normal, bringing a few things to my car so I wouldn’t have to cram Tuesday night. I went to lunch with Lauren and Brenda at CFA and then we grabbed froyo, I went back to work and went to the Treymore. I had every intention of going to my apartment to finish my paper, but was intercepted and worked on it downstairs with the guys. Little did I know, Monday would bleed into Tuesday. The next few hours that ensued I will probably forget details as I get older, but I will not forget the melancholy feeling that consumed me from 5:15PM until I sat in my apartment alone with an almost completed paper at 3:30AM. Jennie and Emily were able to hangout while we all wrote our papers and took breaks to laugh, yell, and argue. Another study group even came over for a quick break, which was nice as we all got to have some laughs and all that good stuff. Brenda called be and said it was time for her to leave and so we said our goodbyes and we didn’t cry. The most sobering thing I have ever encountered was knowing that while I was in a room filled with people I loved and was loved by, all I wanted to do was curl up in my bed and sleep for days. I wanted to avoid the goodbyes that could possible destroy relationships, that would separate my friends and I for the next three months, and that I was being completely selfish. God provided me with an opportunity to serve Him in a new way, out of my comfort zone, that would full forcedly confront my depression and test me in my personal relationship with Him. I was so against saying goodbye to my friends that when 12:00 came along and I was required to leave, I would not say a final goodbye. Between 12 and 3:30 I worked by butt off finishing my paper, all alone in an empty apartment with two sleeping roommates, finishing off a monster, and texting Jeffrey to keep me awake.

Tuesday was the big day, I got up a bit early as to finish some packing before work, then while at work I finished my paper, got lunch and then got off work, took a final and then took another final, packed more and turned in my paper. After getting off work I went to Treymore where I was stopped by Jeffery leading to me seeing the guys again. I should have said goodbye when I left, but I told them I would see them before I really left that night. To say the obvious I was unable to see Stephen Jeffery and JB before I left for Frisco. I should have said goodbye but my pride got in the way. I should have said goodbye but I didn’t want it to come so soon.

Tuesday afternoon Keith helped me load the rest of my stuff in my car, we said goodbye, then I said goodbye to my roommates.



I left with out saying goodbye…to a lot of people…


I then proceeded to drive to Frisco, and after a little conversational detox and prayer with Michelle and Troy I went to my parents house. Dean and Haley came to send me off, and my parents presented me with a new car (which has been a blast driving around Marietta).


Dean and Haley departed and I was left to pack the next three months into a suite case and a few bags.


I went to sleep, woke up, and we left.

The drive was not bad until about hour seven when the rain started hitting really hard, and all I wanted was to sleep.


(I didn’t get a pict of GA bc it was raining so badly)

I finally arrived at my Aunt and Uncles about 11:30 Wednesday night.


Thursday morning I was thankful for a few extra hours of sleep, before leaving for the intern retreat, that would throw my schedule off as I entered back into my own timezone. Two hours on a bus with my fellow interns consisted of question games so we could all get aquainted with each other and our bosses. We arrived at the lake house which is somewhere near Talladega Alabama, and we set up all our stuff. The girls got to sleep in this awesome bunk house decorated with tons of pictures and nicnaks. Image

We had some fun with the trinkets on the wall to say the least


The trip was full of planning and rain, worship and boat rides, food and fellowship.


Saturday we returned, and I was able to spend some time with my family… Oh and I broke my phone screen.
Sunday I taught Sunday School and took a tour of the facilities.
Monday was our first day and we had staff meeting and all that good stuff.
Tuesday morning my mom flew out before I woke up, and I did more fun VBS and Sunday School planning.
Today we finished our Sunday School lesson for June 1st and tomorrow we will finalize props.

I’m excited about connecting with God in new ways, and reconnected in old ways. Being removed from what is safe and easy and being put into a new unfamiliar environment is important. I’m already starting to anticipate the day I get homesick, but until then I am excited about what is to come. This summer will be good as I form new ideas and build my relationship with Christ away from all the theological jargon that goes along with a theology school. I will update as often as I can, but as the summer goes on, we all know how often that will be.




I'm just going to be real, sorry to offend.

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