Who Is God to me?

Today I thank God for community.

I thank God for the ability to get everything I set out to get done, done, despite my low expectations it got done.

I am thankful I was given strength to get out of bed and go to church, as last week I was not able to claim that. The depression was crippling, and my self confidence was way below where it needed to be.

Today I read that “The greatest influence of how you view yourself is your perception of how the most important person in your life views you.” and I realized that: A) I have not been viewing God as the most important person in my life, and of course branching from that B) my walk with Christ is no longer the beautiful loving and encouraging relationship I once had.

I have things to work on.

I knew this before, but I realized the severity today, as I reevaluated myself in lots of ways.

Today I can say tomorrow will be easier than today, because it gets easier the more I work to get back to a good place.

I am a people person, at my very core.

I hope that next year I can get back to a place where I am sharing in a spiritually uplifting environment instead of one that I feel I have to hide my opinion. I was reminded today that I am very much a relationship oriented person, and that my relationships with others directly reflect my walk with Christ. I have to get back to a safe environment.

Today was great because I got back to where I need to be in terms of a growthful conversation with one of my friends here.

Today I am excited about tomorrow, because I am getting back on track.

I am thankful and praise God for renewal, and loving me no matter my mistakes I do not allow myself to forget.

Thank you, God.


I'm just going to be real, sorry to offend.

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