I guess its time to finally tell the story of how I got to Criswell, as I have been asked many times over this past month, “Why are you here?”

After the transition and settlement from my fifth youth director to my six, and weekly church events took place on a normal basis, Troy began telling us the importance of praying and seeking truth. Being the good little Christian I was, I followed suit, and prayed for this along with “guidance, love, and growth”. Little did I know, I would find myself at a school that teaches on the foundation of the Bible as the ever present form of modern day truth. (I don’t like the way I phrased that but I don’t know how else to say it.)

I feel that truth is a relative term, based on an individuals concept of reality, while my peers and mentors at school would not uphold the same definition of the word.

As I have studied at Criswell, my understanding of God’s calling on my life has changed, as has my understanding of truth. I have lost respect for individuals, gained respect for others, and begun to redefine the role God wants me to play in others lives. These are all truths of my life personally, based on my understanding of reality… TODAY.

God brought me to Criswell with the intentions of becoming ordained, and using my PPE degree to write legislation for Annual and General Conferences. I have recently redefined my understanding of God’s calling on my life, and am now planning to use these things I am taught to work for non-profit organizations. I said this in my first post, but I will not be able to say firmly where I will be going in the future because I point blank don’t know. God changes me daily, and my understanding of Him changes daily, so of course my understanding of His plan for me changes every now and then.

I’m not concerned about where I’m going. What’s suppose to happen will happen, because God is good. I failed a quiz today, but its okay (laughs to self).


I'm just going to be real, sorry to offend.

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