Bishop’s Rally!!

Join Bishop Mike McKee and a host of others from across the North Texas Conference for the 2014 Bishop’s Rally (formally known as Confirmation Celebration) as we worship, fellowship and serve together.

This event is open to all tweens (5th -7th grade) and confirmands throughout North Texas who would like the to have fun, fellowship, and learn about how we can make a difference in the world!

This year’s Rally includes Bishop McKee, RADIO DISNEY , pizza, inflatables, missions, crafts, worship and a host of other surprises of Olympic proportion! Recieve a FREE T-shirt if you register by Midnight, February 9th. We invite you to PRESS ON as a team…so please dress as a team and wear your youth group or Confirmation shirt!

This event will be held at FUMC Plano on February 16th! Plan to arrive at FUMC Plano for Check-in between 1:30-2pm on Sunday, February 16th. This year’s theme is drawn from the 2014 Olympics and in that spirit we encourage your group to dress as a team…wear your youth group, Confirmation or other matching shirts to the event along with comfortable pants/shorts and shoes for an afternoon of fun! We will gather for the Opening Ceremonies at 2pm, spread out for our events and then come back together for our Closing Ceremonies including Bishop McKee, Communion and the band Bus Seven!


I'm just going to be real, sorry to offend.

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