College Kid Needs Coffee


This is a photo I took, during a lunch with my dad a few weeks ago. It is odd for me to look back on this day, and think of all the things that have gone on since this. I love this city, and I love these people, but sometimes it is so hard to be a part of it. This, of course, is true anywhere you go. This photo reminds me the importance of living in color, though it is attractive in black and white, be can not look at like this way.

As I sit behind this screen, helping a friend with a paper, I feel it hard to keep my eyes open from lack of sleep. I think about the meeting I will be attending today, and hope I will not fall asleep during it. Being an adult is such a strange thing. We all grow up hating aspects of it, yet forcing the next generation into these norms the way we were forced into them. I guess that’s how everything works though.. I’m not sure if I’m coherent at the moment, because I am so tired, but I hope that makes sense…